An operator cabin is a special workplace. For years, Merford Cabins delved into the work conditions of crane operators. We frequently observe their work, conduct surveys and listen well to their wishes, complaints and suggestions for improvement. The things we learned guide us in our search for a fitting operating solution in any situation imaginable. By paying attention to every detail and every specific wish, we enable operators to work with greater enjoyment and efficiency.

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Solutions – Serving a variety of worlds

We develop and produce operator solutions that make a true difference in terms of efficiency, ergonomics and user-friendliness. Click on one of the buttons below to learn more about our activities for either ports, industries or remotely controlled cranes.


Container and Bulk Handling

Ever since the 90’s, we produce cabins for ship unloaders, QC, RTG and RMG cranes on a daily basis. We can say we fully understand everything related to port cabins, from the door handle of the cabin to the neck of the operator.


Offshore, Shipbuilding, Mining and Steel

Each industry has its own characteristics, routines and demands. Thanks to years of experience in a wide array of industries, we gained a large number of skills that remain relevant in each and every new project.

Remote Control

Translating the cabin to an office environment

We’re on the doorstep of a new technological era. An increasing number of cranes is controlled by remote, to improve their efficiency and reduce safety risks. Decades of experience with operator environments give us a head start in the search for the most ideal remote operator environment.

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Merford Cabins and Metagro join forces

Acquisition of Merford Cabins by Metagro – Creation of large-scale cabin manufacturer by combining forces The two largest companies specialising in building cabins in the Netherlands have decided to join forces. The Dubbeldam Group, which owns Metagro, will acquire all of the shares in Merford Cabins B.V. at the beginning of July. This creates a…

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