Customized operator cabins for bulk handler EMO Rotterdam

EMO is a bulk terminal located in the Netherlands and is the largest bulk goods and transhipment company in Europe. The terminal is located on the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam region and has two 50-tonne and three 85-tonne unloaders. The fifth unloader was recently installed. Merford developed custom-made operator cabins for three of these unloaders.

Custom-made cabins for unloaders 3 and 5

EMO’s unloader 3 was built in 2004 with a Merford operator cabin. EMO’s newest unloader 5 was installed alongside unloader 4 in 2012. Merford was also asked to develop a cabin for this unloader on the basis of current technological developments. The design of this cabin was preceded by a lines of sight study conducted in collaboration with health consulting firm Fysergo. The design of this cabin is such that it is easier for the operator to see the grab without having to assume an ergonomically irresponsible posture. Click here to view a video of the construction and positioning of EMO’s fifth unloader.

Renovation of unloader 4

EMO was pleased with the custom-made operator cabin for unloader 5 and decided to also ask Merford to supply a similar cabin to replace the old operator cabin for this unloader. This crane was completely renovated in 2013. Merford continued to develop the operator cabin supplied in 2012 for unloader 5. For example, it was decided to incorporate an automatic control system for the side windows, which enables the operator to decide for him/herself whether or not to open and close the windows. This cabin was installed on the renovated unloader in 2013.

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