New, advanced operator cabin for German steel manufacturer Stahlwerk Annahütte

Stahlwerk Annahütte is a rolling mill factory and manufactures round bars in special bar quality (SBQ) and thread bars for the construction industry. Their products are applied in automotive, tool/mechanical engineering and oil field industry. The thread bars with accessories are used as a system in tunnelling and mining, bridges, geotechnical applications and high-rise buildings. Stahlwerk Annahütte has contributed to projects such as the new World Trade Center in New York, the new flood defense at Mont Saint Michel in France, and the salvage of the Costa Concordia, near Giglio on the Italian coast. In all cars produced in the EU, SBQ bars can be found. The Annahütte production facility is located in Germany near the border river Saalach, only yards away from the Austrian city of Salzburg.

Rolling mill

At the end of 2017, Stahlwerk Annahütte reached out to Merford Cabins. A new control cabin was needed in the short term. The cabin had to meet some challenging requirements. The operator present in the cabin looks out over a production line where the steel bars come in, directly after the parts were shaped into form by a steel bundling machine. It is up to the operator to organize the bars and cut these to size.


During the design and production of the cabin, the Merford Cabins colleagues had to face a number of challenges. The operator ought to be protected against the noise and high temperatures that are common in the hall. At the same time, the operator has to open the door to be able to leave and enter the cabin many times a day, which makes it hard to reach the desired level of isolation. Moreover, the available space was limited, and both existing cabins had to recur as one cabin with two rooms. The new cabin measures about two metres in depth, and 6,5 in width, excluding the outdoor unit of the airco. Both the control and the monitoring room were equipped with a sophisticated airco system, integrated in the ceiling. The front of the cabin has a double sliding high-speed door in it, covering a third of the length. The effectiveness of the air conditioning and the required noise reduction had to be guaranteed.

Short time frame

Merford Cabins has been able to complete the project to the satisfaction of the customer. The involved project manager of Stahlwerk Annahütte mentioned: “We were very pleased that the project could be implemented in a very short period. This was the biggest challenge. Yet the cabin was built quickly and the communication between Merford Cabins and Stahlwerk Annahütte worked very well. The cabin has been in use for a few months now. All colleagues involved are very satisfied with the functioning of the cabin.”

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