Crane operators are looking for ease of work and a comfortable working environment. To prevent any unnecessary frustrations and to content their supervisors with a satisfying result. The owners of ports, yards and other industries will certainly concur.

When crane operators can do their work efficiently, without any health and safety risks, everyone is satisfied. This is what Merford Cabins aims to accomplish with suitable, reliable solutions.


A short history

Merford Cabins is a subsidiary of Metagro, which is owned by the Dubbeldam Group. Metagro as well as Merford Cabins originated from the company De Jong located in Groot-Ammers in the Netherlands. De Jong was a coach builder dating back to the thirties of the previous century.

The company was acquired by Merford in 1990. Merford, a technical firm in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, was looking for its own production department and found this company in Groot-Ammers to be a perfect fit. De Jong’s activities, the construction of coaches and cabins for vehicles and cranes, continued under the new owner. 

The company in Groot-Ammers continued to operate as a separate private limited company (bv), even after it moved to Merford’s main location in Gorinchem in 2012. The cabin builder had been operating under the name Merford Cabins for several years by this time. In the meantime, the company has developed an excellent reputation, particularly in the global container transhipment sector. The cabins of Merford Cabins are integrated into hundreds of port cranes on every continent. 

Merford Cabins started a new chapter in 2019. The company was acquired by the Dubbeldam Group, which also owns the cabin builder Metagro established in Schelluinen, the Netherlands. The two companies will combine forces, making it the largest cabin builder in the Netherlands. Merford Cabins will still remain in Gorinchem for several years. Furthermore, it will continue to use its own name for the time being, the difference being that it is now a Metagro subsidiary.

How we work

Anyone wanting to perform should not let anything stand in its way. This applies to top athletes as well as crane operators. High targets tend to be the rule rather than the exception. When a great deal is expected of you, you must be able to rely on ideal working conditions as an operator. And that goes beyond agreeable working hours. 

The Merford Cabins solutions are designed to match the operator’s needs. To begin with: clean air. But a pleasant temperature as well, sufficient view and an operator’s chair that is fitting for the work to be performed. We call it our holistic approach. We always develop our solutions in consultation with our customers, but we also allow ourselves to be guided by the things that are important to the person who will be making the most use of our products.

Meet our representatives

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Account Manager Port Solutions

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Remote Control Solutions Engineer

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Account Manager Industry Solutions

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Looking for a job? We’re always in search of new, motivated colleagues that can help Merford Cabins to evolve and grow. Since 2019, we’re part of Dubbeldam Group. Click below to go to the Dubbeldam jobs overview (in Dutch), or to send in your open application using our contact page.