Outlining the operations room that fits your people and process


The ambition of our scrum based design approach, is to connect operation, project teams and other relevant stakeholders. We are developing a practical toolbox for design teams to structure end-users participation and to connect technology, people and process. Our engineering tools will help you with a quick and objective design process leading to a final functional design by mutual consent and clear specifications for procurement, cost estimation and detailed design.


For project teams

  • Effective multi-disciplinary project approach.
  • Reduction of project costs (less meetings, less rework).
  • First time right (reducting of life cycle costs).
  • End users commitment and stakeholders buy in.

For operations

  • Functional design reflecting operational philosophy and business process.
  • Maximizing operator performance.
  • Reducing risks to health, safety and environment.
  • Reducing human error.

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Ergonomic design analysis
Ergonomic design analysis

Our roadmap from operational strategy to functional design

Interface design
Interface design

Transforming data into information