Mobile Ops Room


Our plug and play mobile Ops Room is specially designed for remote control operations in the field. For piloting and tracking robots from a safe environment during industrial or deep sea cleaning, inspection or dedicated operations.  Or for the teleoperation of special vehicles in challenging situations.

We change 10 to 20 ft containers into a control room environment where remote control operators can do their job in a safe and healthy way. Building cabins for years we have learned how to keep crane drivers alert and how to support operators in their challenging job. The development and delivery of our remote control desk have given us understanding of the remote control operational process . It is the combination of knowledge and expertise that we have integrated in the design of the mobile Ops Room. The mobile Ops Room can easily be replaced or transported by truck or ship like any other container. The plug and play functionality ensures an operational modes shortly after placing the cabin.

The mobile Ops Room in short

  • Multi-functional remote control workstation(s)
  • Lighting concept fit for computer work and camera observation
  • Acoustic finish to ensure healthy noise levels
  • Server-racks and cable management
  • Explosion proof design if required
  • Climate control and filter units fit for industrial working environment

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